Healthy Food for under $1… Can be fast with Kitchen Wizardry!

In the New York Times article  Healthy food for under $1“, the author  says,  “healthful eating on a budget will require more time in the kitchen.”

Well, I say not always so, especially when you use Kitchen Wizard Tricks.

One of my recent recipes of Chick peas and Tuna salad (March 28, 2009) uses two on the list, garbanzo beans and apple.  Onions are always cheap.  So is canned tuna! (You can substitute with a can of sardines.)  Fast, Easy, Healthy and Cheap!  And Delicious! Does this gets any better?

By using pre-chopped onions, you can make the process even faster.  You can use the Kitchen Wizard method for many other recipes that could take a lot longer if you make it from scratch, every time. (Yet in a way, you are making them from scratch, because you did a few days before. : )

How about Chili (April 2, 2009)?  By using lots of veges, canned beans and inexpensive sausages, it can be done a lot quicker and still very flavorful. (And especially, if you have the sauteed mirepoix on hand….  It’s a snap!)

Stay tuned for more time and cost saving tricks and recipes next week…


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