Mirepoix three ways: 1. Uncooked Mirepoix

Last week, we talked about saving some of the mirepoix, and as promised here is the magic tips.

Today is the first post of three. Uncooked mirepoix — chopped onion, carrots and celery.

When you save them in the raw form, I strongly suggest you keep them separately.


Because by keeping them separately, you can use small portions of each of them as needed for different dishes.  You can throw in chopped carrots and/or celery in salads, soups, and ground meat dishes.  Yet among these 3 ingredients, chopped onion is  used a lot more often. (Click here for chopped onion usages).

My favorite trick is to keep extra carrots and celery in thin stick form, so that you can eat them as a healthy snack with or without dip.  (These are a lot cheaper home-made than store-bought.) And when you need the chopped celery for tuna salad sandwich or something, it’s much easier than starting from washing and peeling…

Tomorrow Sauteed Mirepoix….


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