Healthy and Tasty Chicken Marsala Dinner in 15 minutes

Chicken Marsala with Buttered Rice with Vegetables

Chicken Marsala with Buttered Rice with Vegetables

How many of you want to have a nice meal of Chicken Marsala, Buttered Rice with vegetables, and salad, in less than 15 minutes, without using any prepared goods from a box or a vacuum-sealed package?

That was our dinner the other night. There was nothing really in the fridge, and the bigger challenge was that I only had 15 minutes before my friend was stopping by, and my husband would be home for dinner.

By having some of the batched stuff from this blog, you can do it too, all in 15 minutes!

Ingredients:  KW connotes “Batch and Fridge/Freeze”-ed stuff using Kitchen Wizard method that I found in my fridge or freezer that day.  (Click link for details.)

Sounds like nothing fresh nor amount to any decent meal… Let alone healthy… We’ll see…

Chicken Marsala

  1. Thaw chicken tenders in microwave half way through. Sprinkle some white wine, S&P.
  2. Sautee chicken in a skillet with EVOO, when it’s golden brown, add some flour.
  3. Add sautéed mushroom and onion/leek (if onion is in mushrooms already, skip this.) Add Marsala wine.
  4. Cook down for a few minutes until the sauce is thickened. Adjust seasoning.

Note: I prefer chicken tenders because they cook fast! If using chicken breasts, cut them thin and bite-sized so that it cooks fast and evenly.

Buttered Rice with Vegetables

  1. Thaw rice balls in microwave half way though. Break up a bit.
  2. Heat EVOO high, in non-stick pan or wok, add sautéed mirepoix and rice.
  3. Mix the rice and veggies well and sautee till hot. Adjust seasoning. Add butter.

Romaine and green onion salad

  1. Chop or tear romaine lettuce into bite size pieces.
  2. Mix with a lot of chopped green onions.
  3. Pour 1:1 soy sauce and vegetable oil. Mix well.

Pretty decent meal. Of couse.  You could even serve to a guest. All in 15 min or less!


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