Top 10 Reason Why You Should Practice Kitchen Wizardry.

Ever wonder why I promote cooking like a Kitchen Wizard? Here are the top 10 reasons why…

1. You’ll save time in the kitchen, Big time! That means you gain time outside of kitchen!

2. You’ll save money by buying bulk and taking advantage of sales.

3. You’ll reduce waste. How many of you have ever had some moldy or limp vegetables in your fridge? You won’t have them any more!

4. You’ll eat healthier. The variety and number of dishes you serve will increase. When you have healthy alternatives ready to go, you tend to use/eat it. On the other hand, when you have whole vegetables in your crisper, they tend to be forgotten. And we tend to reach for something more convenient – often processed food in a box or bag.

5. Less dishes! My husband has been more willing to do dishes! Bonus!

6. You’ll get compliments from your family. You can get dinner on the table faster, so your family is happier! Yay!

7. You will be sure to get compliments from your family and friends. The variety of recipes you can create will sure to impress them. (Many won’t even be able to tell it’s been repurposed!)

8. You’ll become a better cook. More efficient and effective, and you can cook without a recipe. It’s a lot of fun!

9. You’ll reduce stress. See all of the above.

10. You’ll feel better about yourself.


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