Ask Kitchen Wizard: How to solve “It’s 5 pm. What’s for dinner?” dilemma

Have you ever struggled around 5 pm about  “What to fix for dinner?”

That was a question from a member of my  new Facebook group “Kitchen Wizard — Cooking Effort Optimization“.

I used to have the same mad rush at 5:30.  Now I can proudly say both menu planning and cooking are breeze — because I have pre-prepped things on hand.  It’s so much easier when you can decide the menu based on what you have prepped, ready to go. (Especially sauteed mixture bases are handy.)  It’s different thinking process, and pretty much all you need to do is assembly and final cooking.  It’s just like having a prep chef working for you for free!

I’m planning an e-book to help you create your customized “Kitchen Bible”, so that you have a list of things you always want to have on hand, how they should be stored so that it would be easier to use next time, plus many leftover make-over options.  All based on your current eating and cooking habits (or new healthier habits you want to create)!

If you want to be a part of the Kitchen Wizard Customer Council and have your input reflected on our future products and services, please let me know!

Additionally, I’ll be starting monthly “Ask Kitchen Wizard” calls in May, where you can ask me any cooking and kitchen optimization questions.  If you want to attend, please leave a comment below, or join my Facebook Group, Kitchen Wizard: Cooking Effort Optimization.

Look forward to “meeting” you soon!


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