Ask Kitchen Wizard: Best time to prep for dinner?

A question from One of the members from my Facebook group “Kitchen Wizard — Cooking Effort Optimization

Her question:

“Do you ever use a slow cooker? It is much easier for me to prep something earlier in the day when the girls are entertained (or eating breakfast) and then just do a few things to it to get it on the table as opposed to the mad rush at 5.30. Slow cooker meals never turn out great for me, though.”

I’m sure a lot of people have  similar dilemma and questions.

Here’s my advice…

I don’t use slow cooker, because what I think I want to eat for dinner in the morning and what I actually want for for dinner are often different for me. 🙂

There’s no strict rules about when you should do the prepping. I like to make extra when I actually cook something to eat. If you have more time in the morning, late at night or weekend, by all means, take advantage of that time.

Once you have these things prepped, then all you need to do at dinner time is just assembly and do some final cooking. It’s a little bit like having your own prep chef without paying them! Since you have prepped things, there will be no 5:30 mad rush either.

One of the Kitchen Wizard’s philosophy is no matter what the short cut is, the end product has to be good. So, if you do have time to prep for slow cooker in the morning, but don’t like slow cooked dishes, use that time to prep for what you actually like (and ideally versatile so that you can do a lot of make-overs, such as Swiss Chard and Potatoes Part 1 and Part 2).

What’s your struggles in the kitchen?

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I’d love to hear from you!


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