Batch and Fridge: Onion and Chorizo Mixture: Chickpea Chowder

Rugged coastline of pacific grove

Rugged coastline of pacific grove

Over Mother’s day weekend, we went to Pacific Grove near Monterey, CA for our 10th anniversary.

Being in a coastal town, the dinner had to be seafood.  We were lucky to be able to grab a last minute cancellation at well-known fish restaurant in town.  We were all set.

Having over 2 hours to spend before dinner, we decided to go for a walk by the bay enjoying the rugged coast line…  We ended up walking a lot further, all the way from the lighthouse to downtown. So we had to take the main road back to the hotel.

Pacific Grove  walk

Pacific Grove walk

As we walked along Lighthouse Avenue, something caught our attention.  The sign said “Passionfish”.   Even though we were on the other side of the street, we had to check out the menu. (Menu browsing is one of my favorite pastime.)  Something smelled good too.  Zagat rated…  Food 25, Service 21..  Both very good signs.  And the menu sounded really interesting, much more than our original reservation.  OK, we decided, we are eating here.

We cancelled the other reservation, and ended up having our anniversary dinner at Passionfish.  It was a good decision.

passion fish outside w flash

Passionfish Restaurant in Pacific Grove, CA

One of the specials they had that night was Moroccan Chickpea Chowder with green onion lime cream.  The thing is, people at the next table convinced us that we had to have this out-of-this-world calamari salad, and duck confit, so we decided to skip the soup.  BUT!  Food-obsessed me had to try this some way.  (Don’t worry, I didn’t beg the waitress to give me a sample.)

Since I had a garlic, onion, and chorizo mixture left over in the fridge I made for Portuguese cabbage rice, I decided to make it up at home as soon as I came home.

Since I didn’t even see the soup, it may be very different from the original version at Passionfish, but none the less, it was super fast and delicious (I’d say for this version, Zagat rating 27).  If you make it, you’ll be shocked how easy and flavorful it is.

Chickpea Chowder with green onion lime cream

  1. Heat 1 can chickpeas, 1/2 cup cooked chorizo mixture and 2 cup chicken stock. Puree.  If you just serve this hot, it’s super delicious, especially with drizzle of EVOO, lemon juice, cream or butter.
  2. (Optional) Puree green onion and creme fraiche with hand blender or in a mini-bowl in a food processor.  Mix lime juice.  Add to the hot soup.

    Passionfish inspired Chickpea Chowder

    Passionfish inspired Chickpea Chowder

For the detailed review of Passionfish restaurant I posted on Foodbuzz, click here.

Bon appetite!


8 thoughts on “Batch and Fridge: Onion and Chorizo Mixture: Chickpea Chowder

  1. Thanks this is just what I was looking for. We need more tantalizing restaurant that satisfies all of your senses. I eat with my eyes as well. There has been many of times (on vacation of course) that I base my meals on the name of the restaurant alone. Passionfish, I would have stopped in just for the exuberance of the name. I will have to visit through you for now.

    • Thank you for your comment!
      Yes… They only use sustainable fish, and the price is reasonable too. Highly recommend it.
      Before you go, stop by at Visitor Info in Monterey. They have a coupon for a free appetizer for the table when you order an entree.

      In the meantime, try the chowder… It’s really easy, fast and fabulous! You’ll love it!

  2. Have to say I like the layout of your blog 🙂 I just went to Monterey for the first time, but next time must venture a bit farther afield and try the places you mention.

    • Hi LouAnn,
      Thanks for the comment. I like the layout of my theme too. You should definitely go to Passionfish next time.
      (If you haven’t check my reply to the 1st comment. They have a coupon fora free appetizer (of your choice) at visitors’ center in Monterey.)

  3. Hi, Mari-san,
    I found your name on WordCamp SF attendee list. I love food and cooking but I’m also lazy 🙂 I’d love to take your classes… it’s a little too far from here – I’m in Michigan.
    Hope to get to see you at the event!

    • Hi, Naoko-san! Thank you for your comment!
      We should definitely meet at Wordcamp, that’d be fun!
      I am planning to release some web-based classes and tele-courses, so you will be able to take my class in MI!
      So, where do you live in MI? I used to live in East Lansing and Southfield when I first came to the US in 88 – 89.

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