The Best Tricks for the Greatest Results

Out of many Kitchen Wizard Tips and Tricks, what you should try first?

What’s most impactful and versatile, resulting in immediate time-savings?

Top 3 would be:

1. Chopped onions

You can use this in so many different recipes, both in raw form or cooked.  Raw usages including salad dressing, salad, sandwich, salsa, chili topping, burger topping, etc.  If you choose to cook, it’s best to saute.  You can use  this for practically anything: sauce, soup, braised dishes, fried rice, stuffing, meatballs, etc.

2. Cut up extra vegetables that you are already cutting for a dish

Keep them in crudités form for the most versatility.  This way, they are ready to go as a healthy snack or lunch accompaniment, as well as a side dish, soup and salad standby. When you have these healthier snack alternative ready to go, you tend to eat them instead of a higher calorie snack, so it helps to build healthier eating habits and can result in weight loss.

If your original recipe calls for blanching, you may want to blanch extra at the same time.

The best form for each vegetables are:

  • Carrots, celery, zucchini, cucumbers. Peppers: thin stick form
  • Broccoli, cauliflower: bite size florets, either raw or blanched
  • Asparagus, green beans: Cut in 2-3”. either raw or blanched

Keep them separated, so that when you need one or two vegetables only for a recipe, it’s easy to pick and choose.

3. Cooked, shredded chicken

This one is realy handy too. You can either use fresh or frozen chicken.

  1. Sprinkle salt and white wine or sake on chicken tenders or breasts and pat dry to remove odor.
  2. Add them to plenty of boiling salted water, add a few extra TBS wine or sake until cooked through. (If using frozen chicken, make sure that you have a lot of boiling water, and cover lid until it start boiling again so that the temperature of the water doesn’t go down too much.)  Chicken tenders cook much faster, so if you are pressed with time, this is the way to go.
  3. Once it’s done, fish them out, and shred all with a folk or your fingers.
  4. Use the liquid as a base for soups.

Now you can use it for pasta, noodles, salad, sandwich, and/or soup.  Asian food, Middle Eastern food, Mexican food, you name it, you can use it for practically anything, especially if you just use salt.

Any of these 3 simple tricks should help you start saving time right away.  If you do all three, you can create many dishes in a snap.

Please share your favorite time-saving tips or different usages in the comment section!


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