Food is coming to (Jamba) town!


Have you heard the news?  The hot secret is out!  Jamba Juice is launching food. Real food! Some are even hot, out of the oven!

I was invited to Jamba Juice HQ in Emeryville, CA, today, along with my fellow Foodbuzz Featured Publishers to taste their new line-up, just before they released their new food line to their stores in California on Monday.  There was a well-known media company there… This is a big deal!  It’s really exciting to be there to be the first one to test the new items!

Here’s a sneak preview and my verdict.

There were giant stickers on the windows of their conference room.  Obviously Jamba people are very excited.  This will boost their profile, now they are one-stop shopping lunch place… even on a cold day (like today in San Francisco, or Christmas in Chicago).  It’s a good thing for them, and for us consumers.  I’m sure you’ll see these stickers on the window of the Jamba stores near you. (Ok, if you are in California for now.  They should be rolling out to other markets later in the year.)

oatmeal with 3 toppings

For breakfast, they have organic oatmeal introduced this past January. $3 each with 3 different toppings.

From left to right, Blueberry-blackberry, Apple Cinnamon, or Fresh Banana.  Banana looked the best, Apple Cinnamon tasted the best.  I never liked oatmeal, but they were delicious. Now I’ll try a bite when someone orders one. (Or maybe I like theirs only… it wasn’t too sweet, and tasted fresh.)

4 wraps

For lunch… Here’s the big secret, the new line up. 

In their Grab and Go category, they have 4 wraps, one sandwich and 2 salads, all about $5.50 range.

From the top:

Greek Goodness (Vegetarian): Feta cheese, chopped kalamata olives and field greens wrapped in a beet tortilla, served with Greek vinaigrette on the side.

Asian Style Chicken: Grilled chicken breast with field greens, shredded carrots and jicama wrapped in tomato tortilla, served with mango vinaigrette on the side.

Chimichurri Chicken: Grilled chipotle-lime chicken breast with field greens and sweet corn, wrapped in an herbed tortilla, served with chimichurri sauce on the side.  It’s packed with flavor, with or without the sauce.  My favorite!

Greens and Grain (Vegan): Red quinoa and hummus with field greens in spinach tortilla.  Served with mango vinaigrette on the side.

Not in picture: Gobble ‘licious, a turkey sandwich with provolone cheese, field greens, sliced red peppers on focaccetta roll, served with dijonnnaise sauce on the side.

 israeli couscous salad

And 2 salads… part of the Grab and Go Group.

On the photo: Couscous and Produce (vegetarian. Vegan if not using dressing): Israeli couscous, diced jicama, red bell peppers, currants and sliced almonds on a bed of crisp romaine and field greens, served with whole grain mustard dressing on the side.  This is also my favorite.  Nice texture and combination of flavors.

Also Caesar the Day!: Grilled chicken breast, aged asiago cheese and herbed croutons on a bed of crisp romaine, served with Caesar dressing on the side.

firehouse chicken flatbread

And the hot food!  Yay! 4 kinds of California Flatbreads.  A thick and crispy crust which taste like a cross between pizza and torte is perfect size for a snack or light lunch with a glass of (who guessed it?) Smoothie!  At $3.50, a lot healthier alternative to other snack options at other fast food restaurant.

On the photo: Smokehouse Chicken: A thick and crispy crust topped with BBQ chicken, smokehouse roasted sweet corn, black beans, poblano chilis, red bell peppers, and a combination of mozzarella and cheddar cheese.  This is most flavorful. My favorite.

They also offer:

Four Cheesy (vegetarian): A thick and crispy crust topped with tomato-basil sauce and a classic Italian four cheese blend (mozzarella, provolone, parmesan and romano.)

Tomo Atrichoko (vegetarian): A crispy flaxseed crust topped with seasoned tomato sauce, diced artichoke hearts, and blend of three cheeses (asiago, romano, parmesan) and crunchy breadcrumbs (panko).

MediterraneYUM (vegetarian): Also a flaxseed crust topped with Mediterranean-style grilled zucchini, onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, and a combination of feta and mozzarella cheese.  The flaxseed crust is really nice.

tea blend

They introduced new drinks too… Fruit Tea Infusions.  An infusion of refreshing organic green tea and natural fruit juices on crushed ice.  Three flavors: Pomegranate, Prickly Pear, and Passion Fruit.  Why all start with P?  I don’t know.  There’s no peach or papaya. probably not exotic enough.  They are a bit sweet, so if you like it more refreshing, you can customize to make it a little less fruity, or whatever your preference.

frozen fruits

Of course, don’t forget their smoothies!  They have “Try a bundle, save a bundle” which allows you $2 off when you buy a smoothie and food! 

They have a new flavor, Blackberry Bliss…  It is delicious.  If you want to save $1, go to first and check out the bliss word of the day. Tell the casher what it is!  On that site, you can make a funny picture and some other silly things.

So now extending their line-up well beyond “juices”, I wonder if (when) they will change their brand name to just Jamba or something…  The company name is “Jamba, Inc.” so it’ll come soon…that’s my guess. People just call them Jamba anyway, right?

Featured publishers

All the Foodbuzz Featured Publishers who were invited to Jamba Juice HQ. (Yours truly 2nd from the left.)  Thank you, people at Jamba Juice and Neighbor Agency for your generosity.  I had never been so full in my whole life – and couldn’t even finish. (and many of you know, I eat ALOT).

4 thoughts on “Food is coming to (Jamba) town!

  1. How fun that you enjoyed trying out the new Jamba menu items. You probably met my brother Rand, who was there representing the ad agency. He told me he had a great time meeting the food bloggers.

    • Hi Kalyn! Thank you for your comment. Yes, we did meet with your brother, and we talked about you… Actually I was going to send you a Foodbuzz friend request today… Look forward to getting to know you, and share recipes and tips!

    • Thank you for your comment, Popeye!
      Yes… it’s very fresh and quite tasty. Given the price it really is a winner.
      If you are in CA, it’s available today! Try it yourself and let me know what you think.

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