Kitchen Tip du Jour: Label everything with contents and date.

Label everything with:

  • Contents: ex. how its cooked, what’s in it, what part, vegetarian or not, etc.
  • Date: when it’s cooked, frozen or reheated.
  • (Optional) Serving size or portion:  Ideal to change the amount left over on the label as it’s used up.)

Use abbreviations as needed.  Make sure they are easy to decipher to you and those in your household.


  • SH P Chix Breast, 7/16, (2)  — shredded, porched chicken breast, made on 7/16, 2 breasts
  • ST onion/chorizo mix, 7/15  (1 c) — Sauteed, onion, chorizo mixture, made on 7/14, 1 cup
  • Lentil Soup, VN, 7/14 (4)  — Lentil soup, Vegan, 7/14, 4 servings
  • GR Turkey, 7/2 (4 oz) — ground turkey, frozen on 7/2, 4 oz portion

You get the idea.

This will make your life a lot easier… and save a ton of time and frustration! (Especially for something frozen.)


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