Foodbuzz Blogger Festival 2009 Report: Part 1 (Nov 6, Friday Evening)


Last weekend, I attended Foodbuzz‘s First Blogger Festival.  We had 250 fellow bloggers from all over the US and several people even came from other countries, and get to spend the weekend with lots of great food, drinks and friends!

The photo on top is the view from  the rooftop terrace of Hotel Vitale, where we had a welcome reception, mingling with fellow bloggers.  I’ve been living in San Francisco Bay Area for 13 years, but boy, what a welcoming view!


Then at 7pm, we moved to the Ferry Plaza for “Taste of San Francisco Street Food Fare”. Here’s Chef Ian Marks from Hog Island Oyster Company shucking away these pristine oysters, while answering questions. (They have twice a week Happy Hour (Mon & Thurs 5-7pm, so if you are in San Francisco, don’t miss it!)  Their oysters are so good, my friend Elizabeth’s mom and brother ate 6 dozen each! (not at the festival, thank god!)


This is San Francisco, so we gotta have something vegan AND raw!  Creation by Chef Leland Jung of Alive.


Checking out all the food options….  Everything looks good…


This was one of the most popular… Porchetta sandwich from Roli Roti.  These people seem to have several trucks and hit various farmers’ market throughout the Bay Area.


For those of you who are thirsty, and want something nonalcoholic, they had variety of tea from Ito-en.  The green one in the middle is something I’m very familiar with in Japan.  The US version looks exactly the same except they have this “Oi Ocha” written at the bottom.  They were perfect to wash out the fat from all these yummy food… (The same concept with dim sum and tea.)


Lots of people, lots of fun.  These people also love to talk about food all day long, and they are not afraid to stop the conversation to say “Excuse me, I need to grab that!”, just like me!


Porchetta getting grilled for sandwich.  The fat drips down to season the potatoes…. Yum!  Many people found this sandwich out of this world.  Warning: This sandwich is very rich.  I asked for a 1/4 and couldn’t even finish.


Very tasty potato and chorizo taco from Tacolicious.  Even though I was overly full at this moment, it’s my favorite combination, I had to have it.  Unlike the sope version at Tacubaya in Berkeley,  this is much lighter and less greasy. I loved Tacolicious version even better. Oh, and the mild green salsa was spectacular! They also had short-rib taco (looked amazing), and black-eyed peas for vegetarian folks.  I need to go back to the Ferry Plaza soon for more, soon.


And last but not least…  Strauss Family Creamery Ice Cream.  We got to taste both vanilla and coffee, and both were delish! I was worried that it may be too heavy, but it wasn’t… Probably one of the best ice cream I’ve had..  Organic and Kosher.


These are the gifts we got from our sponsors! I’m so excited to cook with them!

Thank you the FoodBuzz team and our generous sponsors for the great evening!


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