Foodbuzz Blogger Festival 2009 Report: Part 2 (Nov 7, Saturday Afternoon)


The Day 2 of the Foodbuzz Blogger Festival started with the feeling of overindulgence…  I thought I didn’t eat too much, yet if I put all I ate last night side by side, it probably was a lot more than usual.  Sometimes I get too excited in the sight of good food, especially when I didn’t have to pay, and forget the fact that I’m not in my 20s (nor in 30s) any longer.

With my strong commitment not to overeat, and a packet of Alka Seltzer sneaked in my name tag (the best antidote for over-indulgence, both food and drink, in my opinion), I ventured again to downtown San Francisco.  The afternoon event was called “The Taste Pavillion”, and have over 50 of Foodbuzz’s favorite producers, brands, wineries and chefs share their fabulous creation with us…  I was excited with somewhat shaky confidence not to over-eat, because this is from 12:30 and 3:30, and the dinner is from 6!

The first taste for me was Tri to cook’s  “Savory Pumpkin Bread Pudding” (photo above).  It was one of the winner for the Nature’s Pride Recipe contest.  She used only 1/2 cup pumpkin and 1/4 lbs of chicken sausage for 2 1/2 cup of bread, so the result was subtle yet really delicious. I highly recommend this recipe.  One of these things I need to recreate for my poor husband who didn’t get invited (again).  Luckily, I have some pumpkin and chicken sausage in the fridge! This will be great for holiday party as well.


The second, which is also from another winner was Ravenous Couple’s “Fried Halloumi Cheese Toast“.  I rarely eat Halloumi cheese, yet this was quite yummy, and super easy to make, so next time I go shopping, I’ll be putting in a package of Halloumi in my basket!  This will be perfect for healthy holiday party appetizer, as well.


Oh, yes!  Seafood!  We didn’t have any last night except for the oysters, so I was really excited! You have to give me a credit for asking for the smaller version, shown above. (I forgot who this was from… Sorry…)


Chad Gillard from Aunt Else’s Aebleskiver (Danish round pancake). Chad and I had a very good conversation about what else we could use these pan for — of course, giant takoyaki!  I was so excited about this, end up spending my entire yoga class on Monday thinking about all different usages and recipes for this.


Mezzetta had some interesting cocktails made of red pepper and strawberry.


Beer Braised Frank Steak on Garlic Polenta (Mezzetta).  The bigger one is normal portion, the little one is for me. This was quite yummy, I wanted to ask for more, but more tables in sight to visit stopped me.


Tomato Soup also from Mezzetta. It’s very pretty and festive for holiday parties.  Parmesan crisp was really yummy, yet the soup tasted as if I was drinking tomato sauce. I would’ve liked it better if it was less tomato-ey.


Sajen JAMU turmeric and ginger-turmeric drink.  It may sound weird to some, but they were both very refreshing and delicious! Perfect after (almost) over-indulgence!


A chef (sorry, forgot which restaurant he’s from) drizzling fennel oil (I think), on his dainty creation. I thought it was smoked salmon with cream, but it’s actually cubed beets with meringue.


Kerry Gold Irish Butter and Cheeses.  They had 4 different kind of cheeses – Dubliner with Irish Stout, Aged Cheddar with Irish Whiskey, Ivernia, and forth one???  Probably Reicester? All of them were really, really really good! (Yes, another thing I love about Ireland!)


Another perfect appetizer from “Made in Napa Valley” Autumn Savory Tartlets. Since I was on a “diet”, I asked for the filling only… It was really delicious, especially the Creme Topping made with their Vineyard Pantry Blue Cheese Mustard and Gorgonzola cheese! I think both the sauce and filling can be Kitchen Wizarded into many different dishes… I can’t wait to experiment!



Lots of fancy chocolate…


Iron Chef Morimoto has his own beer now. Brewed by Rogue Ales, he has 3 soba (buckwheat) ales. My favorite? Black Obi … taste a bit like Guinness.


I caught Doug Collister, VP Operations from Foodbuzz when he was sneaking out of the venue with a loaf of Nature’s Pride bread in his hand and a bottle of wine in his back pocket!. These people working for Foodbuzz are most fun, gracious people. It must be a fun place to work for! I feel honored to be associated with as one of their Featured Publisher. (That’s how I get invited to all these fun events and dinners you read about.)

Ahhh…  Looking at these pictures makes me hungry…  

It was such a fun event.  I’m not on my temporary “diet” any more, I want to go back to Metreon and try all these food again…  Maybe in my dreams, or by recreating those I loved.  My husband and friends won’t complain with the latter option!

To be continued to Foodbuzz Blogger Festival 2009 Report: Part 3 (Nov 7, Saturday Evening). (Another) amazing dinner at Greenleaf Produce Warehouse and Blogger Award Ceremony…


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