What Goodies Would You Fill in Them? Special Giveaway awaiting…

So now you took a guess of what that black cast iron thing is, here’s another quiz.

These were made in that pan from my last post

What would you fill in them? Or how would you eat them?

Please leave your idea(s) in the comment box.

I’m planning a special give away around Valentine’s Day – the details will be revealed next week.

Those who participate more have a higher chance of winning the special gift! Feel free to comment as many time as you want (as long as you change what you’d fill in. : ) )

You don’t want to miss the giveaway?

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Have a great weekend!


27 thoughts on “What Goodies Would You Fill in Them? Special Giveaway awaiting…

    • Sam, that’s a good question! What if you can do both? What would you put inside?

      You are welcome to give your ideas for both sweet and savory fillings. (if you want to increase the chance of winning the giveaway, you may want to divide up your answers as separate comments.) : )

  1. If sweet I would inject preserves ( my favorites being cherry or marionberry) and then sprinkle LOTS of powdered sugar Yum, YUM!!!

    • Sam, thank you for your interest.
      I don’t have an online syllabus. I have another complimentary class planned in March in Lakeview Library in Oakland. I’ll announce the details on my blog, etc in late Feb. If you sign up for my newsletter (on the right sidebar), you’ll be the first one to know, along with some special offers.
      Just curious, where do you live?

  2. Thank you everyone for your ideas! They all sounds great — make me (& you?) hungry…

    Most people listed sweet fillings, and Sam and Jan said pulled pork and, takoyaki (mayo & bull dog sauce).

    What would you do?
    Anyone else eat them with savory filling or topping?

  3. I think I would like to try savory bacon and cheddar cheese, like a doughy mini quiche and how about some ricotta cheese with tomato chunks!

    but then again homemade strawberry jam and powdered sugar outside sounds yummy too!

  4. If they are sweet I would fill them with raspberry and a light maple syrup cream, then drizzled with a little dark chocolate and dusted with powdered sugar for presentation.

    • Lisa, my question was what would you fill in with, not what you didn’t like! you have to post your answer again!!! ; ) (that’ll give you an extra point!)

  5. Dear Skiver Santa,
    Fillings I would like to try:

    (2) Maybe tender bite of beef and a slice of sauteed mushroom (I’d call it a mini beef wellington)

    Thanks Again,

  6. Dear Skiver Santa,
    Fillings I would like to try:

    3) For Dessert, I might like to try a single chocolate chip and mini marshmallow, a smores remix

    • Hi Rachel,
      Thanks for your question. The answer is YES. Chad Gillard, the president of Aunt Else will introduce the gluten-free version mix during the call tomorrow night, and the winner can choose wheat-free version. So be sure to be on the call! Talk to you tomorrow!

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