mari-photo2Do you want to learn how to eat and live well with what you already have in your kitchen?

Do you want to do that easily without spending much time or money?

Then you are in the right place. My name is Mari Suzuki.  Welcome to Secrets of a Kitchen Wizard!

Food is my passion. I’m at my happiest when immersed in something to do with food – cooking, eating, reading, or simply thinking about it. There was a book called “Japanese Women Don’t Get Fat Or Old”… I’m one of the living examples. As a Japanese native, I know how to eat healthy, even though I have been in the US for 20 years and “eat like a football player”. I’m still petite – 5’1” and 97 lbs.

I’m mostly a self-taught cook. My cooking teachers were my grandma and aunts who also taught others, plus some famous chefs on TV like Lidia Bastianich, Mario Batali and Jacques Pepin. I’m also blessed with culinary talent to throw things together and create numerous wonderful dishes. I can remember and re-create what I ate at restaurants around the world at home. As a home-cook without formal cooking training, I exercise the freedom to do what purists consider to be a taboo.

I teach people how to simplify and systemize their life. One day, I experimented with systemizing my cooking process, because I often ended up sauteing onions 3 days in a row! The time and money savings were huge, AND the possibility to multiply the recipe was exponential. It also gave me unexpected bonuses such as fewer dishes, lower stress, and healthier eating habits. And most of all, it was FUN!

Because of the economy, everyone is cooking more at home now. Although it saves a lot of money, it could take time when you cook the “normal way”.

I’m here to eliminate that dilemma. By following a few simple tricks, you too can optimize the unrealized assets you already have in your kitchen, and use that time and money saved to treat yourself or your loved ones.

I look forward to your frequent visits, and sharing your success stories!

6 thoughts on “About

    • Hi Ann-Kristin! Welcome and thank you for your comment, and survey response.
      If there’s anything I can be of help, just leave me a comment on my blog.
      Come visit and leave me a comment again!

  1. Mari-san,

    It was so nice to see you again at Japan Society event this week! I completely agree with you. It would be great if I can simplify my daily life. It would be more confortable and enjoyable. I look forward to seeing you in near future!


  2. I really like your concept to eat healthy but also save time and money using what you already have. Hope to connect regarding my upcoming Assn of Women Home Owners, who I think would really like what you’re doing.

    PS I lived in Tokyo for 3+ years, and loved it although my food preference remain western … except for my rice (I didn’t understand why everyone talked about sneaking their own rice in when we first moved there).

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