Take the Poll: Leftover Food – What Do You Do with It?

When you have some leftover, what do you do with it?

  • Do you throw it away?
  • Do you eat it as it is (or reheated)?
  • Or do you turn it into something else?

There is a Japanese proverb “残り物には福がある”。 It means “Last, but not least”, “Sometimes lees are better than wine”, and my favorite, “Leftovers bring you good luck”. It’s not just about food, but other things in general.

Sometimes “leftover” has negative connotations, but for me, leftover food is worth the weight of gold.

Take this poll about leftovers:

In the comment section, tell me more — how you feel about leftover in general, what to do with it and why.

Such as

  • “I eat all of my pizza leftover the next day, save everything else, but normally end up moldy, so throw them away.”
  • “I bring my leftover to work for lunch.”
  • “No doggie bags, no leftovers! I eat them all!”

I’d love to know what YOU do with your leftovers.  : )

Thanks and have fun!