Do you wish you get a notification when your favorite blogs publish something new?  Isn’t it time consuming to check every other day to see if anything new has been published?

Yes, it’s time to streamline your computer tasks as well as kitchen tasks!

Now you can be notified by an email each time a new post is published on “Secrets of a Kitchen Wizard”.

You can either choose E-mail notification, RSS feed or through NetworkedBlogs on Facebook.

  1. Emai notification: Just click “Email Subscription” link, third from the top of the side bar. You even have an option to receive a weekly digest. There’s nothing to worry… Your email address will never be shared with anyone else.  You will receive a confirmation to start email subscription, and it can be disabled at any time – you are in full control.
  2. Or click the logo for RSS feed.
  3. Or click the button for NetworkedBlogs where it says “Follow my blog”.  Click “Follow” once you are in NetworkedBlogs page. When you go to your NetworkedBlog box on your Facebook profile, and click “Secrets of a Kitchen Wizard”, you’ll see a list of posts.

Be on my mailing list, and receive free monthly newsletter and special offers:
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  • Those of you who are on my mailing list are my preferred customers!
  • You will be the first one to hear about the special offers about my classes, fun events and giveaways.
  • Your name will be never sold or shared with anyone, and you can always unsubscribe if you choose to do so.

Become a fan of Kitchen Wizard on Facebook!  (<- Click here to become a fan!)

  • Ask any cooking optimization related topics… Or share your own thoughts, struggles, tips, recipes and more and be part of the community.
  • It’s fun and great way to have Kitchen Wizard Buddies to encourage each other to start cooking more efficiently and healthy, and get more time outside of the kitchen together.  They will thank you too!

Be sure to share with your friends who wants to save time and money in the kitchen.

Let me know how I can better support you, and making cooking fun again!

4 thoughts on “Subscribe

  1. Hi Mari,
    I and David met you @ Comino’s Paella Night — did you blog the meal? The rice was soggy, wasn’t it?
    Please subscribe me, and I’ll follow you,

    • Hey Steve,
      Which time-saving video are you talking about? I have a few videos, and want to put more video of my own, but I’m novice and not-so-patient videographer. send me an email directly to and we can discuss further.

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