Kitchen Wizard Tool Box Part 4: Kitchen Shears

Another handy tool that is underutilized, yet saves you a lot of time is a pair of Kitchen Shears.

You can do a lot of things with them…

  • Cut through packages,
  • Cut long skinny things like green onions and chives,
  • Cut through chicken bones,
  • Cut up a whole fish,
  • Cut through crab shells and crack crab legs,
  • Cut soaked dry Chinese bean threads right in the bowl, before draining the water,
  • Cut whole tomatoes right in the pan, or can,
  • Cut up ribs and barbecued meats,
  • Cut just about any food, just like at your favorite dim sum restaurant,
  • Cut flowers and herbs from your garden,
  • and more….

Especially if you don’t feel too confident with your knife skills, they will make your life easier.

My Wusthof shears is about 10 years old and don’t come apart, but I love them and never had any problem cleaning. It was about $50 (got it as a wedding gift.)

Now there are many come-apart type for $20-25, including Wusthof. Here’s the link to’s kitchen shears review.

Just make sure that your children will not borrow yours for their craft projects!