Aebleskiver Giveaway Town Call was a success!

powdered aebleskiver


It was so much fun with Aebleskiver Starter Kit Giveaway Town Call last night with so many new and old skiver enthusiasts from coast to coast.

If you joined us, hope you had a lot of fun! What fascinate me the most is all the possibilities we have with this pan and the mix! Seriously the sky is the limit.

And if you are on gluten-free diet, there’s a great news – Aunt Else’s will be releasing wheat-free aebleskiver mix in a few weeks! YAY!

Did you miss it?

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The winner of the Starter kit was Michaela Vega from Minneapolis, who posted many comments, tweets, wrote to ‘Skiver Santa, became fans of both Kitchen Wizard and Aunt Else site..

She even wrote a post about the giveaway call on her blog with a video of how to make aebleskivers.

She certainly got the most skiver points!

She’ll be getting a personal delivery of Aunt Else’s starter kit (mix, 9 hole cast iron pan, chop stick for turning, and handle hot pad) from our Skiver Santa, Chad, the president of Aunt Else’s Aebleskivers, since she happens to lives in the same area!
Wonder if she finds her present under a tree, late at night… on a snowy night.  There are lot of them in Minnesota I believe.

Aunt Else's Aebleskiver Starter Kit

Our generous Santa even offered extra presents for everyone on the call.

If they buy the kit or the pan by tonight 11:59pm PT, they get a mix free. Plus 10% off.
If they purchase something before 11:59pm this Sunday, they still get 10% off. Pretty sweet!

What about those of you who couldn’t make the call, because the time didn’t work out?

Since I believe in fairness, I BEGGED him if he could extend the same offer to other people who couldn’t make it.

And he said “YES”!

So here’s his offer – exactly the same with the one from last night. (Those of you who were on the call, please verify it’s the same. ; )

* Buy a starter kit or pan, and get the mix free (Until 11:59pm PT, Tonight Friday 2/19/2010)
* Plus 10% off by using “kitchen wizard” as promo code.

* (starter kit, pan, basket, etc. etc.) – The discount will not show on the shopping cart, so 10% will be refunded on your credit card bill.
* (basket, starter kit & mix only) – Automatic discount with “kitchenwizard” as promo code.

* All purchase 10% off (Use the links above) till 11:59pm PT on Sunday (2/21/2010) on both sites by becoming an Aunt Else Fan.
* * USE “kitchen wizard” as promo code.


* Questions? Please send all Aebleskiver purchase related questions to

So there you have it.

Take advantage of this generous offer right now if you are thinking about getting the starter kit or the pan. Because after the deadline, it’ll be gone.

Now I need to prepare for my “Flexipes: Mushroom and Beyond” Cooking Class & Party at my kitchen this Sunday. It’ll be a lot of fun to go through the entire process of “Kitchen Wizarding” and enjoy the fruit of our experiments together. Everyone will be amazed how easy and fun it is to create a week worth of new dishes from something they already made.

It’s full, so those of you who are on the wait list or can’t make it on Sunday, I’ll promise to do more soon.

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Have a great weekend!

Tonight 7pm PT! Aebleskiver Giveaway Town Call – Register NOW!

Well, tonight is the night! 7pm PT/9pm CT/10pm ET!

Aebleskiver Starter Kit Giveaway you’ve been waiting for.

We still have spots left, so it’s not too late to jump in.

If you want to win the kit (9 hole cast iron pan, Aebleskiver mix, stainless steel chopstick for turning, and handle hot pad &52.99 value),

Please sign up from here:

If you just want to join the call without signing up, here’s the call in number.

* When: Tonight 2/18 (TH) 7pm PT/9pm CT/10pm ET
* Call in #: 218-862-7200  Passcode: 527334

NOTE: To be eligible to win the starter kit, you must sign up through

Exciting News: Aunt Else’s will be introducing gluten-free version mix during the call, so especially if you are on gluten-free diet, you can’t miss  it!  Invite friends too! (And yes, you can pick GF version mix if you win the starter kit.)

Set the Olympic on Tivo/DVR and join us to find out more about this fun and tasty treat, and more!”(You’ll skip all the commercials that way too. : )
Will you join us?

Finally… Aunt Else’s Aebleskiver Giveaway Details

Do you want Aunt Else Aebleskiver Starter Kit?  The pan, the handle hot pad, the turner, and the mix?  Everything you need (except for egg & water) to make delicious Skivers at your home?

Then you are in the right place!


Come to a Special Aebleskiver Call with Chad Gillard, President of Aunt Else’s on February 18th, 2010 at 10 pm ET/7 pm PT .

Chad will answer your Aebleskiver questions, and you will learn a lot about this fun and delicious food. Plus sometime during the call, we pick a winner from those who attended the call.

NOTE: This giveaway offer is good for US and Canadian residents only.  Anyone is welcome to join our call.

Please sign up from this link to get the phone number.
You’ll get the number & passcode right away via email.  We need to have everyone go through here,  so that we can pick the winner for the starter kit giveaway from this list and announce during the call.

  • Be sure to check mark “Aebleskiver Giveaway” at the bottom.

Do you want to increase the chance of winning?  Here’s how!

1. Become a Kitchen Wizard fan on Facebook. If you sign up your friends and tell me who they are, you get extra points.  Also subscribing to the Kitchen Wizard newsletter and/or blog subscription via email (From the side bar under these red pots) is 1 point each.

2. Become an Aunt Else fan. 1 point each at Facebook, Twitter and Foodbuzz page.  (put links)  By the way, this will give you 10% discount on all purchase from and  Use “KitchenWizard” as the discount code on either site.

3. Send us questions you want me to ask to Chad during the call in the comment box. If you come up with more than one, break them up, so that everyone has a fair chance of asking questions.  Each comment count as one.  Also the comments you’ve already left on my previous Aebleskiver related posts counts too.  Obviously, we’d rather have someone who’d love the pan and use it to win!

If you want to go back to add comments to increase the chance of winning, here are the links.

4. Come to the call. We pick the winner based on these comments and fan activities, and announce the winner on the call.  NOTE: Just like these raffles at the church, you need to be present when your name is called! Otherwise, it goes to the next person in line.

5. Extra benefit to be on the call… Our generous Skiver Santa agreed to offer some Special gifts to those who attends the call, so be sure to stay on the entire call to find out the details.

Some of you might be thinking…

“What shall I do, if I really really want the kit, I’ve left many comments, but I cannot be on the call…”

OK… If that’s the case…  you are allowed to have your representative on the call, as long as you let me know in advance who’ll be on the call for you (as a comment for this post).  To be fair to everyone, one cannot be more than one person.  If someone agrees to represent you, s/he cannot represent themselves.    Please make sure that person signs up with their name as well, so that we can send him/her reminders for the call.

So what would you like to ask about Aebleskivers? Leave your questions in the comment box below.