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Thank you so much for your downloading and sharing my “Kitchen Wizard Flexipes” during the promo last two days. Thanks to your support, it was #8 on all free Kindle cookbooks, food and wine category; #11 on Lifestyle and Home; and #1 on International and Regional Cookbooks at the end of 2 days.

Even though there was no pre-announcements, there were thousands of downloads — more than 1 download per minute!  It was so exciting! There even was one from Amazon Brazil!  It happened because of your support. I am overwhelmed with gratitude.  Thank you so much!

Hope you like “Kitchen Wizard Flexipes“.

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Free download “Kitchen Wizard Flexipes” till tomorrow


Kitchen Wizard Flexipes

A new, ebook-version of my “Kitchen Wizard Flexipes” is out. As my blog reader, I’d love you to download it free as my thank-you gift.  Free download is available on Amazon till midnight tomorrow, March 4 (US Pacific Time).  After that, the price will go up to $4.97.
You can read it on practically any devices — PC/Mac, Ipad, Smart phone with Amazon’s free app, or on good ol’ Kindle.  So feel free to share with your friends and family — before midnight tomorrow, anyone can download it at no cost!
It’s a win-win-win!  Your friends will learn smart tips to cook more variety of food in much less time; they will love you for it; and the more people download, the higher my Amazon ranking goes.  If you like the book, please be sure to write an Amazon review!  Thank you for your help, in advance.
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Free Event! Farmers’ Market: Shopping & Cooking Secrets for Spring Produce

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Have you been trying to eat more vegetables?

Have you been intrigued by all the bounty at the farmers’ market, yet shy away from it because you don’t know how to cook and enjoy it?
Well, this photo is from Kyoto, Japan, but when I saw these vegetables at the market, I felt the same way.  I wished someone would help me how to use these unusual vegetables — something I’ve eaten and liked at the restaurants, and want to try at home too.

So… I’m hosting a free class next weekend to help you with these spring bounty at our local Farmers’ Market!

What: “Farmers’ Market:  Shopping & Cooking Secrets for Spring Produce”

When: Saturday, April 24th 2010  1-3 pm

Where: Oakland Lakeview Branch Library
550 El Embarcadero, Oakland, CA  510-238-7344

We’ll meet at the I-580 side entrance of the Oakland Lakeview Library at 1pm, stroll through different booths at the Grand Lake Farmers’ Market, and discuss different produce and cooking options until about 1:45pm. (You can eat lunch during that time. Lots of great options!)

Then back at the library at 2pm, you will learn my secrets — how to optimize what you bought for your everyday cooking so that you can create one week’s worth of many different dishes with half the time and effort while having a lot of fun!

Of course, there will be demos and sampling! The class will end around 3pm.

Depending on your schedule, you can only join the farmer’s market part or the class part.

The space is limited (esp. the library portion). My last free class at this location filled in a few hours — so please RSVP by clicking here now while there are only few — about 25% of the spots left.

If you have any questions, please leave me a comment.

Hope you can join us!


Darn Good Deals: Complimentary Wine-Tasting in Sonoma

Looking for a great outing that is cheap and fun?  Do you want to know about my hidden secret in Sonoma Valley? (If you aren’t in the Bay Area, come visit and take advantage of this.)

How many of you like wine-tasting?

How many of you like to do it for free?

How many of you like a very generous offer?

Even though free wine tasting is recently a thing from the past, at least in Sonoma Valley, there’s still a way to do it.  Yes, without buying a bottle of wine. (Many “reimburse” you for the price of wine-tasting if you buy a bottle.)

Do you have a VISA Signature Card, or do you have any friend who has one?  If so, you are elligible for free wine-tasting in Sonoma!(<- Click the link for the list of participating wineries.)

Among many listed, our favorite is Buena Vista Winery.


We got $10 wine-tasting for free (2 per card).  And on their tasting list, there were about 8 of them instead of usual 5. AND, the serving was generous — about 2 oz each, compared with usual 1 oz. AND, our guy, Quinn was topping some extra in our glasses!  AND, he gave us 3 or 4 extra tastings that were not on the list and were from their private reserve list.  AND he kept going in to the back to get things like cheeses and olives to let us experiment with food pairing!

Maybe it was because he liked me (or maybe it was the bubbly girls in their mid-20s – our friends visiting from Canada), but beside that, he was more than generous!  Another winery we visited (we did only 2, just because we had so much wine from Buena Vista), there was only about 5 tastings of 1 oz each.  5X1=5 oz vs 10-12X2= 20-24 oz. You do the math!  Either way you can’t lose.

Now you know why I recommend Buena Vista.

Plus Quinn was so knowledgable about wine and food, and outgoing and gregarious. We learned a ton and had a great time.  A good looking, generous guy who loves to cook and eat (and drink, obviously)!  Too bad, I’m married!

So if you go, ask for Quinn to serve you.  If you go, tell him that I sent you. (Even though he may not remember me.)

Have fun and let me know how your visit was.

Happy Easter!

PS: For those of you who are looking for Magic Mushroom Soup recipe — I will post it by Monday.