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Thank you so much for your downloading and sharing my “Kitchen Wizard Flexipes” during the promo last two days. Thanks to your support, it was #8 on all free Kindle cookbooks, food and wine category; #11 on Lifestyle and Home; and #1 on International and Regional Cookbooks at the end of 2 days.

Even though there was no pre-announcements, there were thousands of downloads — more than 1 download per minute!  It was so exciting! There even was one from Amazon Brazil!  It happened because of your support. I am overwhelmed with gratitude.  Thank you so much!

Hope you like “Kitchen Wizard Flexipes“.

If you like my book, please write and post a review on Amazon! It’s a lifeline for a new author like me.  Thank you for your support, in advance!

Have fun Kitchen Wizarding!



Free download “Kitchen Wizard Flexipes” till tomorrow


Kitchen Wizard Flexipes

A new, ebook-version of my “Kitchen Wizard Flexipes” is out. As my blog reader, I’d love you to download it free as my thank-you gift.  Free download is available on Amazon till midnight tomorrow, March 4 (US Pacific Time).  After that, the price will go up to $4.97.
You can read it on practically any devices — PC/Mac, Ipad, Smart phone with Amazon’s free app, or on good ol’ Kindle.  So feel free to share with your friends and family — before midnight tomorrow, anyone can download it at no cost!
It’s a win-win-win!  Your friends will learn smart tips to cook more variety of food in much less time; they will love you for it; and the more people download, the higher my Amazon ranking goes.  If you like the book, please be sure to write an Amazon review!  Thank you for your help, in advance.
Have fun Kitchen Wizarding!
PS: Be sure to download and tell your friends about it well before midnight tomorrow (March 4) US Pacific Time. After that the price will go up.

Kitchen Wizard Flexipes Book (paperback & Kindle) is out!

Kitchen Wizard Flexipes Book (paperback & Kindle) is out!

Happy New Year everyone!  

What’s your new year’s resolutions?  The number one resolution to many is “eating healthy”!  As we all know (including myself), keep eating healthy gets difficult as the days go by.

A great news!  My Kitchen Wizard method has become a book!  It’s available as both paper back and e-book from Amazon.  Give yourself a magic wand to help you finally succeed in your commitment and build a sustainable habit easily.  

Here’s to your happy and healthy 2013, filled with tasty home-made meals!